June 18, 2012

Annie&Lola are Back

Annie&Lola for Francesco Paolo Salerno
Annie and Lola are back. We couldn’t leave you . What did we do during this period ? We grew up, inner research and changed . We tested ourselves , each one on our one , experiencing new styles and projects to meet again and continue doing what we started doing two years ago. Instead of taking a coffee like two friends not seen for some time, we take our picture and we enjoy telling stories, facts and bits of color. I hope that this latest project done in collaboration with Francesco Paolo Salerno you like it! 

 Check the Video Click on the photo !  

La Virginité de Francesco Paolo Salerno - Fashion Film

A Fashion Film by:
Lorenzo Cisi

Styling: Eleonora LoLa Gaspari
Photo: Annalaura Masciavè
Mua: Valentina Pintus
Model: Charlotte Surace, Vittoria Marchegiani

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